Videomapping Work+Show

If your work intersects between the real world and the digital arts, and you are interested in breaking the fourth wall with your artistic vision, then you are at the right place!

During 56 hours, you will develop your skills in video mapping creation by projecting your artistic vision on the façade of Sankt Johannes Kirke (Nørrebro) during Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival 2023.

Throughout seven days, you will get an introduction to the video mapping world, workflows, technology, best practices, worldwide organisations, and competitions

In the afternoons, you will sit together as a team to develop the storytelling structure and visual content inspired by the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. 

Each one of you will create a slice of the big animation, which will be projected at the façade of the iconic church during the night of the 5th of November, on-sync with live music. 

The Video Mapping workshop is imparted by Sofía Mellino* 


Med Støtte fra 



A 56 hours theoretical-practical training program about the workflow, technology and best practices when facing the creative process of a Video Mapping.

Participants will develop, both individually and in teams, the storytelling and visual assets of a monumental video mapping projection taking place at the façade of the Sankt Johannes Kirke in Cph. as part of the event Husk Mig! Det Dødes Dag Festival. 

Language of the Workshop: English

Dates: The workshop starts on Monday 30th October and finishes on the evening of Sunday 5th November 2023.
From 10am to 6pm every day, except the 5th of November, when the show takes place.


Number of Participants: A total of 16

Profile of Participants: Aimed for digital artists and/or artists working with the intersection between analog and digital arts, such as:

  • Videographers / Photographers
  • Postproduction professionals
  • 2D/3D Modellers
  • 2D/3D Animators
  • Generative Art (Touchdesigners, AI, etc)
  • Graphic Designers
  • Stop Motion Artists (or Artists involved with modeling clay arts)

Availability: Participants are required to count with FULL-TIME AVAILABILITY (or at least 85% of attendance during the workshop.


  • 1000 DKK. -> Students / Undergraduate
  • 2000 DKK. -> Graduated / Freelancers
  • 3000 DKK. -> Companies 

**This work+show is produced by CkulturA, a non-profit organisation that promotes creative projects with focus on the synergy between the Latin American and Danish culture. 
The work+show is part of the Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival 2023, produced by the organisation, therefore we can offer high-quality education and performance, keeping low prices.





  • Introduction to Video Mapping: Definition & History. State of Arts. Current workshops, institutions, and competitions worldwide.
  • Immersive media workflows and techniques
  • Object & Monument Video Mapping Projection
  • Projector types and set-up
  • Software types and on-location set-up with Resolume Arena 7
  • Test on canvas files (3D / 2D) and final export for real architecture
  • Storytelling and Concept Development 



List of the main software that we will be working with, therefore, participants should install them before arrival.  


  • Participants must bring their own laptops that can run the mentioned software list.
  • They can also bring other technological devices that help them develop their artistic piece (as instance: tablets, graphic tablets/monitors, cameras). 
  • And any other material (such as clay), etc.


Sofia Mellino is a multi-awarded audiovisual professional from Argentina. Specialised in Audiovision (UNLa) and with a postgraduate degree in film editing (LFS), among other courses and research residencies in South America, Germany, France and UK on traditional & immersive media formats, and their consequences on post-production workflows.

Over the last 9 years, she has won seven international awards, two postgraduate scholarships, the Gründerstipendium NRW 2019 to build up her company SyncPhonia U.G. and has been recognized as the “Top 90 Female Argentinian Visual Artists of 2021”.

She is also known as the "Urban Symphonies' Artist" for taking this undervalued film sub-genre and re-signifying it what she conceives today as, "the era of re-invention"; in works such as "Land-on, UKan" (2017), "URBANÚS; La Sinfonía Urbana de Lanús" (2018), and the world-acclaimed "FUTURE RUHR" (2022); the first fulldome film created entirely with 360 camera recordings attached on drones, with intense post-production on the original footage.

Her works are characterized by her unique editing style where the equal power of the sound-image fusion prevails, and what is sought to be told can contribute value to society, such as in "malambE" (2021).

Since 2019 she lives in her beloved Ruhrgebiet as a representative of Future Campus Ruhr NGO, building together the transformation of the city of Essen through the cooperation and exchange of creators and researchers, ideas, and projects, dedicated to the combination of Art, Science and Technology. 



CkulturA is a cultural and artistic collective established by Claudia Adeath (Mexico), Fernando Massino (Argentina) and Claudia Cohen (Mexico). We combine our professional backgrounds in visual arts, film, literature and music. To create, produce and coordinate cultural events. 

We construct bridges to interact through the art among the different existing cultures in Denmark. These bridges connect and enrich participants in our projects while sharing a spectrum of views. 

We have 11 years of experience producing artistic multicultural events in Copenhagen and are focused on two festivals a year: International Musikfestival Sonamos Latinoamérica and Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival. We have consolidated a space where different cultures meet and exchange values, cultural wealth, expertise and experiences.

Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival 2023 er arrangeret af CkulturA i samarbejde med Cinemateket, Union, Kildevæld Kulturcentret, Syncphonia (Essen, Tyskland), International School of Hellerup ISH og den Mexicanske Ambassade. 
Med støtte fra Nordea Fonden og Nørrebro Lokaludvalg. 


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